Warbird Recommissioned

WARBIRDS RECOMMISSIONED takes the audience on the journey of the
aircraft throughout our country's history in war, their missions and purposes in war
which brings to light the innovative designs for their time and amazing power. When
you build a chopper in their likeness the audience learns along with Ralph and his
team what made them truly special. The look of the chopper emulates the aircraft's
style as they implement vintage aircraft parts into the actual fabrication creating a
one of a kind collector's item.

Chopper Designer RALPH RANDOLPH

Most of the ideas for design come from an inspirational piece ...
Chopper designer Ralph Randolph was inspired by the most recognizable military
aircraft in US history.

Ralph Randolph, a captain for American Airways had a love for speed at an
early age. Whether it was admiring a jet streaking across the sky of a tough
dusty military town in New Mexico or the feel of a street bike's rumble in his
chest as it passed by, Ralph started dreaming early. By the age 13 Ralph was
self employed, roofing and pouring cement, and spent what little time he had
left pushing dirt bikes to their limits.  

In college, Ralph earned cash by cage-fighting on weekends and put his
prize- money toward flying lessons and a career playing strong safety for the
University Of New Mexico football team. It was during college that Ralph first
picked up the cutting wheel and sheet metal and began shaping the bobbers
and old-school choppers he's famous for today.

  On a break from University Of New Mexico's School of Architecture, while working for Southwest Airlines, Ralph Randolph committed to
achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot. At the height of Operation Desert Storm, Ralph put his own career
goals on hold and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

Ralph graduated #1 Company Honor Man from his series of more than 500,
learning first-hand the definition of "gut check"…When you think you can't
go any further, you can.

Today, Ralph is a captain with US Airways, a husband, a father and the
hands-on master craftsman behind Knockout Motorcycle Co. Ralph currently
appears as a Centerfold Builder on the Easy Rider Centerfold Tour and as a
featured celebrity builder on the 2007 Hard Rock Roadhouse Tour.

For the small town kid from Ft. Sumner, New Mexico, his journey's proof that
the American dream can and does come true. According to Ralph Randolph,
it all comes down to a simple philosophy: Teamwork, a can-do attitude and
hard work will always pay off.

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